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Styles of aluminum balcony railings and a full variety of custom rail applications

ATR’s aluminum railing system is a traditional concept which has become popular with “high-tech” designs. Our railings, include picket rail, wire mesh rail, perforated panel rail, multi-line rail, cable rail, glass panel rail and many types of custom railing designs.

Picket Railing
Glass Railing
Multi-line Railing
Cable Railing
Stair & Ramp Railing
Gates & Custom Designs
Architectural Metal Work
Aluminum Railing Systems
Atherton Alhambra, CA Gates and Custom Fabrication
Mounting for Railings

Extrusions Provide Uniquely Designed Aluminum Railing and Architectural Metal Work

New extrusion dies can be developed as required in order to meet new architectural designs in aluminum balcony railing or any type of railing requirements. Find a variety of styles in aluminum railing throughout our gallery of aluminum railing systems with wire mesh railing, picket railing, glass railing, or aluminum cable railing.

Leading Design in Aluminum Balcony Railings

Leader in aluminum railing of any type for all ideas and applications from residential to high rise. We will meet your needs, whether they are big or small.