Picket Railing

Balustrade or Picket Railing Designs for Balcony, Stairs, Ramps, Fence

The aluminum balustrade railing (or Picket Railing) guardrail is a classic and traditional time honored picket system which was developed and engineered to meet the demands of architects and designers. Designs unique to a given project are illustrated in aluminum picket railing ATR provided CAD detail drawings DWG. See our CAD BIM PDF DWG section for more info.

Aluminum Balustrade Railing used for Handrail & Guardrail Safety
Aluminum Balustrade railing and picket guardrail is our oldest aluminum picket railing system and offers a safe cost effective system for balcony, ramps, stairs, platforms, roof tops and more. Sample Aluminum Picket Railing SPECIFICATION

Picket Railings

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