Multi-Line Railing

Multi-Line Railing in Aluminum

Aluminum Pipe Railing Systems, Handrail and Guardrail Applications
The Multi-Line Guardrail (Horizontal-Line Rail) system is a traditional concept which has become popular with “high-tech” designs. The ATR Technologies, Inc. Multi-Line Guardrail offers a more architecturally pleasing alternate to the normal “Pipe Rail” type systems.

Our Multi-Line railing and tube and pipe railing systems utilizes a variety of interchangeable parts to allow the creation of many different designs. Aluminum Tube Railing Technologies system allows round or oval components to be combined with square or rectangular shapes to create a different architectural look for any of your requirements. See our CAD BIM PDF DWG section for more info. Sample Aluminum Multi-line Railing SPECIFICATION

Multi-Line Railings

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